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5 Healthy Holiday Spending Habits

Tips on How to Avoid Blowing a Bag

November through December is referred to as the season of giving and presents a series of obligations that range from gift giving to having to cater a family gathering of well over 30 people. This yearly expectation and sense of duty, while sweet and of the purest intentions, can often feel overwhelming and hard on our pockets. 

You may often wonder, “is it possible to enjoy the holiday and not break the bank?” Absolutely!

Here are the 5 Healthy Holiday Spending Habits

  1. Start early: Avoid waiting until Black Friday and Cyber Monday to start purchasing gifts. Begin planning for the holidays in August, September, or even earlier. This allows you to purchase a few gifts at a time and avoid the holiday crunch and crowds. You are also more likely to encounter sales on essential seasonal items.
  1. Keep it Simple: You are not required to buy everyone a major gift every year. Do not feel obligated to get everyone an expensive or large gift. Items like gift cards or everyday items like chapstick, lotion, or office supplies are gifts that people always need but never want to buy for themselves.
  1. Be realistic and Set a Budget: Take a good look at your finances and determine what is a healthy and harmless budget for you to hit all of the important people and needs, without placing yourself under financial strain. This could look like determining what you spent last year and how to stay below that number. This could also include determining what things are not truly necessary to create and enjoy the holiday festivities (i.e., reusing decorations, regifting unused items).
  1. Personalized Gifts: What is sweeter than something you took the time to create with your own imagination and hands? Gifts are a traditional aspect of the holidays because we want to illustrate to our loved ones that we are thinking about them. This could be as simple as making each family member their own unique Christmas ornament or designing a personalized art project.
  1. Prioritize: Create a list of people, including family members, co-workers, friends, and acquaintances that you desire to purchase gifts for. Determine who on the list is non-negotiable and who can be removed or shown appreciation in a different way. 
5 Healthy Holiday Spending Habits

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