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Anger management

What is Anger management?

Anger management with children is a therapeutic process designed to help them understand, express, and manage their anger in healthy and constructive ways. Ultimately, anger management empowers individuals to navigate conflicts, improve relationships, and achieve a greater sense of emotional well-being. The goal of anger management is not to eliminate anger, which is a natural emotion, but rather to foster self-awareness and effective ways to respond to intense emotions

When your child receives Anger Management at The Hardy Clinic they may:

  1. Learn to identify triggers and underlying emotions that contribute to their anger.
  2. Gain insight into their reactions.
  3. Understand the impact of their actions and how they affect other people.
  4. Develop healthy techniques to draw awareness to their experience with anger.
  5. Learn and utilize coping skills geared towards healthy and effective ways to respond to experiencing anger.

Children would benefit from this service if they:

  1. Often get in trouble for saying and doing things abruptly and without thinking.
  2. Intentionally say or do hurtful things to others.
  3. Act without consideration of the consequences of their behaviors.
  4. Get in trouble at home or school for hitting, throwing, yelling, or name calling.

Benefits of getting this service with The Hardy Clinic:

Through this process, children are guided in developing effective coping strategies, communication skills, and relaxation techniques to prevent anger from escalating into harmful or destructive behavior. Your child may be assisted in developing self-awareness, emotional regulation, patience, and resilience.

Sibling Relationships:

What is therapy for sibling relationships:

This form of therapy is used to improve sibling relationships by creating a safe and supportive environment for children / individuals to explore and address the dynamics that impact their interactions. In this space, therapists facilitate effective communication techniques, helping siblings express their needs, concerns, and emotions constructively.

When your child receives sibling relationship therapy at The Hardy Clinic they may:

  1. Identify patterns of behavior that have been harmful to the sibling relationship.
  2. Identify communication and attachment styles and/or patterns.
  3. Work through unresolved conflicts that act as underlying issues in the family and/or relationship
  4. Participate in guided discussions, where participants can gain insights into their own and their siblings’ perspectives, fostering empathy and understanding.

Children would benefit from this service if they:

  1. Constantly argue and/or fight with their sibling
  2. Complain about their sibling(s) getting more or less of something than them (love, punishment, etc.)
  3. Lack ability to accept ownership / responsibility for their actions
  4. Experience an strained relationship with their siblings
  5. Appear to have a warped perception of family relationships or their role in the family
  6. Cause harm to their sibling(s) or other family members because of their words or actions.


Engaging in Sibling Therapy at The Hardy Clinic aims to:

  1. Enhance the bond between siblings
  2. Identify unhealthy patterns of behavior and thinking
  3. Develop self-awareness
  4. Work through unresolved conflicts and experiences that may be influencing the relationship
  5. Make progress towards healing and growth 
  6. Nurture a sense of mutual respect, love, and happiness

Identity Development

What is Identity Development:

In child / adolescent therapy for identity development, the therapist aims to provide a nurturing space where your child can explore and embrace their unique sense of self. Through therapeutic discussions and activities, children can gain a deeper understanding of their interests, values, strengths, and cultural background, fostering a strong foundation for self-esteem. The therapist assists your child in navigating challenges related to identity, such as societal expectations or peer pressures, promoting a sense of authenticity and confidence.

When your child receives Identity Development at The Hardy Clinic they will:

  1. Address any conflicts or confusion about their identity
  2. Build a cohesive and positive self-concept.
  3. Be empowered to embark on their life journey with a resilient sense of identity.
  4. Learn to navigate diverse experiences and relationships with a greater sense of self-assuredness.

Children would benefit from this service if they:

  1. Have a difficult time making decisions that require an understanding of who they are and what they like
  2. Experience and often give into peer pressure and/or negative behaviors
  3. Are more likely to follow someone else’s lead instead of making decisions for themselves.
  4. Present as shy or reserved in settings that require them to be more engaging and present.

Benefits of getting this service with The Hardy Clinic:

  1. Your child may receive one on one attention in a safe and supportive environment 
  2. We have clinicians who are former educators and are familiar with the developmental stages and how they impact the brain and behavior.
  3. We offer family sessions where we are able to assist in fostering open dialogue between you and your child.
  4. Assist your child in developing their own voice, setting healthy boundaries, and taking control of their destiny.

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