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What is support for parenting?

Support for parenting, often referred to as parent coaching, is a specialized form of therapy designed to assist you in your role as parents. It provides a supportive and educational environment for parents to explore and address a wide range of parenting challenges, from behavioral issues with children to communication breakdowns within the family. Parent Coaching typically involves strategies for effective discipline, communication, and stress management, as well as helping parents understand and meet the emotional needs of their children.

When you receive support for parenting at The Hardy Clinic you will:

  1. Discuss and explore issues impacting your relationship with your child and / or the relationship between family members.
  2. Develop healthy, effective, and intentional skills for parenting and interacting with your children, managing behavioral problems, and communicating with family members.
  3. Enhance parenting skills, build healthier family dynamics, and promote the well-being of both parents and children.
  4. Become empowered to create a nurturing and supportive environment in which your children can thrive.
  5. Receive emotional support and guidance, reducing stress and feelings of isolation that can accompany parenting difficulties.


You would benefit from this service if you:

  1. Desire to heal from and release personal childhood trauma.
  2. Desire to improve the relationship between you and your child(ren).
  3. Want to strengthen your family dynamics.


Benefits of getting this service with The Hardy Clinic:

Our clinicians here at The Hardy Clinic are trained in communication skills and relationship building. When you engage with one of our clinicians you may be guided through self-work–healing your inner child, releasing personal childhood trauma, etc., and learn how those things may have impacted your parent-child relationship(s). You may work with a nonjudgmental third party who desires to help foster healthy, loving, and impactful relationships between you and your immediate family members. In this environment you may also learn skills and techniques to improve communication and build trust with your children.

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