Trauma Therapy

Trauma and ptsd counselors in atlanta GA

What is Trauma?

Trauma is a psychological and emotional response to distressing or overwhelmingly adverse experiences that can have a lasting impact on an individual’s well-being. While there are varying degrees and different forms of trauma, These experiences often involve real or perceived threats to one’s physical or emotional safety and can range from acute events like accidents, violence, or natural disasters to chronic situations such as ongoing abuse or neglect.

When you receive treatment for Trauma at The Hardy Clinic you will:

  1. Identify and process the root cause of your experience with trauma.
  2. Receive education on how trauma can impact your mind, body, and interactions in relationships.
  3. Receive education on healthy, effective, and holistic coping mechanisms.
  4. Identify your “ideal life” and develop SMART goals to help you accomplish your dream.

You would benefit from this service if you:

  1. Experience flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, or hypervigilance.
  2. Have a difficult time or fear of forming relationships and/or attachments.
  3. Experience significant disruption in your everyday life or activities.
  4. Would like to learn more about trauma and how it can impact your mind, body, and everyday interactions.
  5. Are looking to break intergenerational trauma and its impact on your family experience.

Benefits of getting this service with The Hardy Clinic:

Therapists at The Hardy Clinic are trauma-informed and experienced with a variety of populations. Our clinicians work to create a safe and welcoming environment to assist you in making sense of your traumatic experiences, reduce distressing symptoms, and rebuild a sense of safety and resilience. Our goal is to address the emotional wounds caused by trauma while promoting healing and recovery.

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